Xiaohongshu is one of the most prominent social ecommerce platforms in China. Evolving as China’s greatest content hub for word-of-mouth, Xiaohongshu marketing serves as a must-have channel for global and domestic brands to leverage their potential and reach the wide Chinese audience.

Comprehensive Brand Audit

Every platform has its own set of rules and restrictions, Xiaohongshu is no exception. Even AsiaPac has grasped the winning key of Xiaohongshu marketing, a comprehensive company evaluation is inevitable before offering you the most ideal digital marketing solution in China.

Xiaohongshu Business Account Creation

AsiaPac manages the entire tedious process of setting up your official brand account on Xiaohongshu. All you have to do is simply enjoy your certified icon, profile personalization, enhanced social features, and data insight report in just a glimpse.

AI-driven Xiaohongshu KOL Matching

AsiaPac harnesses the extensive KOL database in Asia to match your brand with the most suitable influencers utilizing our self-developed KOL management tool KOOLER AI. Wait for the wow engagement effect!

Localized Content Feed in Xiaohongshu

AsiaPac acknowledges all contents format audience interacts with and perceives your brand. Our dedicated team creates tailored content around daily events in local culture and language that appeals to audience instantly. Your brand are connecting with 300M+ Xiaohongshu registered users in a voice that feels familiar.

Precise Xiaohongshu Ad Delivery

Xiaohongshu paid advertising seamlessly integrates your brand or products into the audiences’ feed across the whole platform, including Following, Moments, Nearby, Search, Stories etc., Based on your marketing objective, AsiaPac recommends the best ad options to reach your target prospects.

Xiaohongshu Performance Reporting

In addition to closely monitoring and tracking your brand’s Xiaohongshu account, AsiaPac’s professionals regularly generate detailed, visually-enhanced analytical reports of your Xiaohongshu marketing performance, allowing for further strategic campaign adjustments and optimization.

Xiaohongshu Brand Takeover

A full screen ad design upon app-openings in static or dynamic image, and video format.

Xiaohongshu In-Feed Ad

An ad format appears as a native content that penetrates into the double-column feed on explore news page.

Xiaohongshu Brand Zone

A branded display of products shown on the first search result page according to Xiaohongshu users’ browsing behaviour or interested topic.

Xiaohongshu Topic Ad

A brand owner-established custom topic ad, featuring topic header, topic name, description, and videos, driving traffic from multi-channels and directing Xiaohongshu users to landing pages.

Xiaohongshu Sticker Ad

A customizable sticker ad depicting products or brand text allowing Xiaohongshu users to attach on their stories.

Renowned China Ecommerce Marketing Expertise

AsiaPac has 15+ years of experience in China digital marketing. Acquainted with Chinese legal digital marketing restrictions and varieties of ad types, we lay grounds for foreign and local brands to capitalize on the China online market with holistic ecommerce campaigns and grow social media visibility.

Localized Chinese Context in Feeds & Creatives

To ensure your Xiaohongshu ad content engages well with the Chinese audience, AsiaPac has a team of Chinese creative talents capable of creating enticing content with in-market language and popular Chinese trends, guaranteeing you to reach the wide prospect and flourish on the platform.

Cross-Border Office Support on Xiaohongshu

Accompanied with our data intelligence and platform networks, our digital gurus in China are confident in delivering our Xiaohongshu marketing strategies to clients across sectors, e.g. ecommerce, finance, gaming, beauty, etc. We tailor marketing plans with your specific demand, keeping you ahead of the keen online competition.