Marks & Spencer is a British retailer operating in Food, Clothing & Home and other own-brand retail businesses worldwide. They are taking a digital-first marketing approach, with unique strategies on each product while ensuring a cohesive brand image among the differences.


In an intense festive season when competitors are all striving to advertise their Christmas products, we aim to make Marks & Spencer stand out by maximizing exposure in one month, so as to raise awareness of their Christmas promotion offer, drive quality traffic to their website and keep it top of mind when consumers are looking for Christmas gifts. The campaign includes five Christmas promotion campaigns, focusing on food, clothing, hampers and overall sales promotion respectively.


In just one month*/ four days#, we've got

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What makes it a successful campaign?
  • Adopted an integrated solution and made good use of different media features to fulfill the two major objectives, at the same time we optimized the power of synergy and uplifted the effectiveness

  • Executed A/B Testing in different versions of ad texts to ensure the selected keywords’ accuracy and thus to boost effectiveness of SEM

  • Performed remarketing by tracking consumer behaviors on their website which helps to sort out the quality leads

  • Fully understood Marks & Spencer’s needs and targets from our long-term partnership which enabled us to make appropriate adjustments to keep raising their marketing performance


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What does M&S say about us

We enjoy cooperating with AsiaPac. Their expert teams, who are professional about online advertising, impressed us with their strategic planning and tactical executions that have yielded great results for our digital marketing performance. Their hard works gained our trust and we would highly recommend them.