Taboola is the world’s leading content discovery and native advertising platform that connects advertisers with a vast network of publishers. Through exclusive partnerships with 9,000+ top publishers, Taboola reaches over 1 billion people across the web each month globally.

Taboola Comprehensive Strategy

AsiaPac develops customized Taboola advertising strategies tailored to various campaign objectives. No matter your goal is lead generation, online purchases, brand awareness, web engagement or mobile app installs, we have you covered. Our team build the perfect content and craft captivating ad copies to maximize your campaign’s impact across the entire customer journey, from top-of-mind awareness, to consideration and conversion.

Taboola Campaign Management

With in-depth knowledge of Taboola's targeting options, we identify and reach your ideal audience segments by utilizing Taboola data marketplace such as demographic, interest, habits, lookalike, zip code location. We also implement SmartBid, Taboola’s automated bidding technology to make more efficient use of the spend and optimize ROI.

Creative Content Creation

Our creative team crafts compelling and engaging content that captures your target audience's attention. By leveraging Taboola's best practices for image ads, motion ads, and video ads, we ensure that your campaigns stand out from the crowd. Our team of experts create localised content ad copy to maximize click-through rates and conversions.

Powerful Taboola Tracking

We set up the Taboola Pixel to gain robust website user data, analyse how people interact and understand the actions they take on the website such as page visits, purchases, views, etc. By tracking users’ activities, our team take accurate and thorough actions to optimize your campaigns and achieve retargeting to boost conversions.

Campaign Optimization and Retargeting

Our team of experts closely monitor your Taboola campaign metrics, analyze data, and optimize effectively with retargeting strategies to boost conversion rate and maximize your campaign ROI.

Taboola Campagin Analysis & Reporting

Find everything you need to understand about your Taboola campaign performance with our intelligent reports, staying on top of the metrics and make actionable marketing forecasts.


Native display hero ads on the homepage when consumers start reading content.

Section Front

Native display ads above-the-fold on section front pages when consumers are actively browsing.

Mid Article

Highly impactful mid-article ads in native display or video formats surrounded by editorial content as consumers read.

Taboola Feed

Non-disruptive ads in native display or video formats immediately following publisher article content.

Mobile-integrated News

Native display or video ads in device’s default news experience, where consumers can engage with premium editorial content throughout their day..

Taboola Stories

Image or video ads experience similar to stories on popular social media platforms.

Authorized Taboola Advertising Agency

As Taboola’s authorized agency partner, AsiaPac has direct access to advanced features, tools, and resources. With our expertise in Taboola’s advertising tactics and a close working relationship with the team, we provide clients with top-notch service and expertise.

20+ years’ experience and Expertise

Our experts are experienced in growing clients’ businesses through native and display advertising for 20+ years across different industries – Ecommerce, Finance, Gaming, FMCG, Education, Beauty, Health products etc.

Results-Driven Approach

We deliver measurable results and maximize ROI through data-driven strategies and continuous optimization. Our use of data mix and AI optimization solutions enables real-time optimization of ad campaigns for effective outcomes.