Tech-Driven Dynamic Ad Creatives

High quality ad assets with varying formats are created within minutes in our programmatic platform and 3rd party banner creation tools.

High-Value Inventory Access

We help advertisers reach 4.5+ billion Asia & global internet users through access to 100+ major ad exchanges worldwide, e.g. Google DV360, Criteo, The Trade Desk, AppNexus, Baidu, Tencent, TanX.

Rich Audience Data Analysis

Our AI-powered platforms analyze 2+ billion active audience data, by user interests, demographics and life events, to trending topics, lookalike and remarketing profiles for your successful campaigns.

Data-Driven Precise Targeting

Granular hypertargeting with real-time data across devices ensure ads shown to most likely purchasers at the right time, hitting all profit points.

Regular Automated Custom Reports

With the help of AI intelligence, customized and structured graphical reports are evaluated regularly with meetings.

Fast Reaction To Market Change

Our experienced programmatic servicing team react fast to the changing market dynamics and switch to optimal budget and campaign settings with machine learning whenever needed.

Full-Fledged Marketing Model

We provide greatest flexibility as not all prefer automatic operation, and strategies vary significantly for different campaign goals. Our full spectrum of digital services along with China, Asia & worldwide inventory will achieve your maximum KPI with whichever strategy. Choice is all yours.

Performance- & Data-Driven Tool

Powered by substantial big data and smart AI algorithms, our self-developed systems fill the gaps in bridging dynamic context, creativity and ad relevance, uplifting efficiencies and pushing performance to next level.

Award-Winning & Digital-Savvy Capability

Our certificated A doers who’re immersed in tech trends think and act differently so as to personalize digital approach to your business to go beyond your expected campaign ROI. Our service is testified with digital marketing awards gained.