Yahoo! Hosts 2024 Reseller Training to Enrich AsiaPac Group’s Complete Digital Advertising Solution
19 Mar , 2024

Our colleagues at AsiaPac Group have recently completed the 2024 Yahoo! Advertising Reseller Training, strengthening our expertise in leveraging Yahoo!'s advanced advertising solutions.

During the training, AsiaPac Group explored diverse ad placement options offered by Yahoo!. Premium ad formats like Edge2Edge and lighthouse were highlighted for effective branding campaigns. Front-page ad formats such as FPL and FPT, along with the Mail Login Ad featuring a prominent banner, expand campaign reach.

Content marketing opportunities on Yahoo! platforms were a key focus. AsiaPac Group can now curate custom-made content hubs on Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, and BetterMe, embedding Instagram posts and YouTube videos to enhance engagement and brand visibility.

Yahoo!'s search advertising solutions were also explored. AsiaPac Group identified the top five industries - Banking & Finance, Food, Fashion, Government, and Education - where Yahoo! Search can deliver optimal results, along with shopping ads for product promotion.

By combining Yahoo!’s and our wide array of advertising platform solutions, AsiaPac Group is well-equipped to empower brands across the Asia Pacific region, driving impactful results and maximizing ROI effectively for our clients.

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