Programmatic Product Insights Unveiled with The Trade Desk x AsiaPac Training
9 Apr , 2024

Recently, The Trade Desk hosted an insightful agency partner product training, which highlighted the platform’s programmatic competence in connecting customers’ touchpoints.

Highlights of the session:

  • Global media inventories across diverse industries

  • Advanced targeting with premium partnerships for an extensive database, e.g. Foodpanda

  • Effective customer journey, from awareness to engagement to conversion

  • Universal frequency capping to avoid media wastage when users see the same ad

  • Weather-triggered customized ads based on different weather conditions

In addition to developing strategies to effectively leverage TTD's programmatic products, our AsiaPac digital experts also utilized our self-developed AI ad management and optimization tool, OptAdEasy, to further enhance our clients' advertising campaigns. This enables us to deliver exceptional results while maximizing the impact of our clients' digital advertising efforts. The product training session with The Trade Desk proved to be an insightful experience to expand our team’s expertise, strengthen our position as a trusted partner, and guide our clients through the ever-evolving digital landscape with confidence.

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