The Grand Return of AsiaPac's Seminar: Target Gen Z Market with Digital Marketing!
6 Jun , 2023
AsiaPac Taiwan seminar 2023 xhs-dcard -20230606.jpg

AsiaPac Taiwan finally hosted a digital marketing seminar after a long-anticipated 3 years. With over 70 respected guests attending, the room was filled with enthusiasm and passion to learn about how to conquer the Gen Z most-used platforms, Dcard and Xiaohongshu through digital marketing. 

Key takeaways from the seminar:

  1. How to adapt to trends on rapidly changing social media platforms

  2. How to create attractive & high-value content

  3. Practical case sharings & strategy demonstrations: help brands establish advertising media plans to reach target audiences effectively and foster deep connections

Master the future by first conquering this generation! Utilise the knowledge from our Dcard x Xiaohongshu seminar for an all-rounded digital marketing strategy to capture the hearts of Generation Z! 

Thank you for coming to our seminar! If you’ve missed the event, don’t hesitate to contact us at phone number +852 2771-7595 or by email at / for more digital marketing products and solutions.

AsiaPac Taiwan seminar 2023 xhs-dcard -20230606-02.jpg
AsiaPac Taiwan seminar 2023 xhs-dcard -20230606-03.jpg