Free Douyin Verified Business Account — Limited Package Offer
30 Jun , 2021

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Do you hesitate in doing Douyin advertising because of not being able to open a Douyin verified business account? Don’t give up on the possible 600M audience base yet!

Up to now, Douyin is the world’s most downloaded app (56 million installs), as well as the highest earning app with user spending approaching US$110 million. Over 80% of the Douyin active users are above 25 years old with a high spending power, which is why Douyin advertising is more and more embraced by the brands and organizations, especially using KOL and video marketing strategies.

Douyin’s power generated from its parent company, Bytedance, is further amplified by the continuously rising China economy, which has a GDP growth of 18.3% even in the first quarter of trouble 2021. Douyin advertising is surely your gateway to the attractive China market.

We know your concern over creating your Douyin Verified Business Account but you know what, with AsiaPac as the authorized Douyin advertising reseller, it is easy-peasy! And now, we’re offering a limited time offer - Grab your most suitable Douyin package now, get free Douyin business account and wait for the success!

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