Beach Cleanup with AsiaPac x AdTechinno: Support CSR to Promote Sustainable Businesses
8 Mar , 2023

Our AsiaPac and AdTechinno team members gathered on International Women's Day for a beach cleanup in Zhongjiao Bay, Jinshan. We wanted to contribute to Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) and the beautiful landscape on the north coast of Taiwan. In less than 2 hours, our team managed to clean up a total of 172kg of garbage! 

To contribute to CSR, AsiaPac and Adtechinno have cleaned up 172kg of garbage in a beach cleanup.

Prior to the beach cleanup, AsiaPac and AdTechinno also arranged an awareness seminar regarding ocean protection to provide guidelines to our team members on how to correctly classify beach garbage. It also encouraged members to consume fewer disposable plastic products on a daily basis to help protect the Earth.

Members of AsiaPac and AdTechinno during beach cleanup.

Through the beach cleanup service, AsiaPac and AdTechinno have plans on incorporating more sustainable CSR in our daily operations. We promise to integrate group resources and plan relevant social welfare activities to exert positive social influence.

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