AsiaPac Seminar: Expand your brand with pDOOH & Omnichannel Strategy in 2023
20 Oct , 2023

We are delighted to share another success of AsiaPac’s Seminar in 2023: “Expand your brand with pDOOH & Omnichannel Strategy”! The event was momentous and fulfilling, with enthusiastic marketers keen to learn more about various omnichannel strategies.

In today’s digital age, consumers are exposed to diverse information sources, which brands must adapt to constantly evolving consumer behaviours and create seamless experiences. With over 18 years of experience in the digital marketing industry and access to top DSPs, e.g. The Trade Desk and Hivestack, etc. across the world, AsiaPac unveiled the secrets to succeeding in this dynamic landscape while embracing omnichannel strategies.


Many thanks to our esteemed team members from AsiaPac in sharing their valuable insights!

  • Alex Mo, Senior Business Development Manager

  • Jacky C.K. Wong, Digital Performance Director

  • Jacky S.H. Wong, Associate Digital Performance Director

In the seminar, our team detailedly covered a range of compelling topics:

  1. New ways to engage audiences through rich media format, pDOOH and other channels

  2.  Expand and measure your business with emerging digital platforms and technologies

  3. Through case study sharings reveal the secret in navigating automated ads such as Google Pmax, Facebook advantage+ campaign and strategies to tackle cookieless world


We hope all attendees gained valuable insights on the importance of incorporating omnichannel strategies into your digital marketing plans and harness the immense power of pDOOH and omnichannel strategies. In order to capture the global market and your target audience skillfully, AsiaPac encourages you to get in touch with our localised expertise team to learn more. 

Thank you for coming to our seminar! In case you missed this seminar, feel free to sign up here for our upcoming webinar on 2nd November to learn more about capturing your target in the China market on Xiaohongshu! Don’t hesitate to contact us at +852 2771-7595 or now to know more about our digital marketing solutions.