AsiaPac Hong Kong x XiaoHongShu Seminar! Unveil the secrets of getting into the China Market!
4 Aug , 2023
AsiaPac Xiaohongshu Seminar 20230804-01.jpg

AsiaPac Hong Kong is thrilled to hosted our first digital marketing seminar in 2023! The hall was crowded with over 200 respected guests, enthusiastic and eager about enhancing their knowledge of the Xiaohongshu platform.

As Xiaohongshu’s Global Authorised Reseller, we had the opportunity to invite Mr. Jake Lee, Head of Global Channel Partnership from Xiaohongshu, to present us with detailed insights of the platform.

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Key takeaways:

  •  Understanding the background of AsiaPac & Xiaohongshu

  • Unveiling the similarities & differences between Xiaohongshu and other social media platforms

  • Demonstrate holistic content pillar & content creation strategies while helpings brands in establishing advertising media plans to reach target audiences effectively

  • Exclusive AsiaPac insights regarding Xiaohongshu KOLs in successfully reaching KPI

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AsiaPac Xiaohongshu Seminar 20230804-04.jpg

With the useful insight from Xiaohongshu and the case sharings of all-rounded digital marketing strategies of AsiaPac, we hope to give the audience a preview of how effective Xiaohongshu digital marketing is. AsiaPac is also determined in helping brands capture and expand their audience in the China market. 

Thank you for coming to our seminar and hope to see you at our next event! If you’ve missed it, don’t hesitate to contact us! Contact us now at +852 2771-7595 or now to know more about our digital marketing solutions.

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