24 Mar , 2020


Singapore, a fast-expanding international commerce hub, has the third-highest GDP per capita in the world. Like many other countries across the world, Singapore has seen an increasing shift towards digital marketing, proven by its total digital ad spend at USD $710 million in 2019.

This article will round up the essence of Singapore’s digital marketing based on its digital landscape, trends and future opportunities for you to effectively promote your brand online.

Singapore’s Digital Marketing Landscape and Trends

Singapore is a fully urbanized country with 5.83 million populations. It has an 88% internet penetration rate. Meanwhile, 79% of Singaporeans are active social media users.

Singapore’s digital landscape.jpg
Singapore’s digital landscape

On average, Singaporeans spend 6+ hours on the internet every day, including 2 hours 34 minutes for videos and 2 hours 8 minutes on social media.

Singaporean's daily time spent with media.jpg
Singaporean's daily time spent with media

Singaporeans are keen on social media. Online research stated that 97% of the Singaporean internet users visited social media in the past month (Dec 2019). 91% of Singapore netizens are using social network apps on mobile. On average, the country’s netizens each have 8.8 social media accounts.

Social media behaviors in Singapore.jpg
Social media behaviors in Singapore

Ecommerce activities are popular in Singapore. The top 4 categories on ecommerce spend are “Fashion & Beauty”, “Toys, DIY & Hobbies”, “Furniture & Appliances” and “Video Games”. Besides, annual growth of Singapore’s B2C ecommerce spends increased by 25% in 2019.

Singapore’s e-commerce activities.jpg
Singapore’s e-commerce activities

Top Digital Marketing Platforms in Singapore

Top 5 Most-Used Social Media Platforms

The most used social media platforms in Singapore are “YouTube” (86%), “WhatsApp” (81%), “Facebook” (79%), “Instagram” (62%) and “Facebook Messenger” (50%).

Most-used social media platforms in Singapore.jpg
Most-used social media platforms in Singapore

Top 5 Mobile Apps (By downloads)

The most downloaded app in Singapore is “Go-Jek”, a Jakarta-based multi-service and digital payment platform for online transportation, food delivery, logistics, payment, and daily services. What follows are “WhatsApp”, “Facebook Messenger”, “Grab” and “Shopee”.

Insight: “Go-Jek”, “Grab” and “Shopee” are Southeast Asia-based companies which have risen rapidly in recent years. “Grab” is a transport service app while “Shopee” is a Singaporean e-commerce platform.

Mobile app rankings in Singapore.jpg
Mobile app rankings in Singapore

Digital Marketing Opportunities in Singapore

1.Mobile Social Media Marketing in Singapore

Singapore has one of the highest smartphone and social media penetrations in the world, which 99% of their active social media users access social networks via mobile. In addition to the 4.6 million social media users in Singapore, the digital marketing platforms are expecting to have a 9% growth in digital ad spend in 2021. Out of the top 5 most used social media platforms, two of them are messaging apps, which is worth-noticing for brands when choosing social media platforms for advertising.

2.Voice Search Marketing in Singapore

Search engine is chosen as the most-used channel when Singaporeans want to discover a new brand. Voice search, which simplifies the process of finding information about products/services, is expected to become the mainstream of SEM. To leverage this technological wave, brands should ensure website content is optimized for voice search – think about how your audience speaks about your products and services.

3.Video Marketing in Singapore

Videos are still taking over virtually every social media platform. In Singapore, people spend one-third of their online time watching videos. 79% of consumers in Singapore prefer watching a video to get insights about a service or product before purchasing. Among the top five mobile apps that Singaporeans spent their most money on, three of them are video apps – Netflix, Bigo Live and Viu. To successfully publicize your brand through video marketing, click here to learn more.

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