5 Effective Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies To Increase Sales
11 Mar , 2022


If you are looking to increase your real estate sales internationally, you must not ignore the power of digital advertising. According to the 2019 report from National Association of Realtors, 93% of home buyers used an online website and 73% used mobile/tablet websites or apps. With more and more potential real estate buyers doing their research online, an all-rounded global digital marketing strategy is what helps you beat the competition.

Ready to step up the real estate digital marketing game? Let’s unlock the secret to win international real estate buyers through global digital marketing strategies together.

Why you need real estate digital marketing?

Perhaps you are still considering whether you should move your real estate business online. Take a look at below reasons now!

1. Time-saving

Have you ever counted the time of producing a TV commercial or a print ad for your traditional advertising? They usually take days to months. Let’s say goodbye to those complex procedures. With real estate digital marketing, you can reach millions of potential buyers within a few minutes.

2. Precisely target real estate buyers

To find the right audience, you can divide your target group by demographic, geographic, behavior, etc via digital marketing. With a broad database, you can trace your target audiences’ actions and tailor-make ads for them to raise the probability and quality of conversions.

3. Raise your real estate

Return On Investment (ROI)With online advertising, your past campaign and market data can all be measured and tracked by analytical tools in real-time. This allows you to quickly optimize and adjust your ad strategies for better ROI.

effective real estate digital marketing strategies to generate quality leads

5 effective real estate digital marketing strategies to generate quality leads

To gain an amplified return-on-investment, an integrated lead-generation strategy is a must for real estate digital marketing. Following are some tips for you to general quality leads so as to acquire new customers.

1. Real Estate Lead Generation

Lead capture form example for real estate digital marketing

Create a lead generation campaign is the most efficient way to generate leads. It’s suggested to choose multiple channels so you can find which channel is generating more leads. You may provide some offers like free download to a guide, registration for a free webinar, etc to encourage leads.

It’s also a good idea to build a lead capture form on your website, which helps you to collect data from audiences who are interested in your company. You may preset contact details, preferences and interests as required in the lead capture form to get a better understanding of your audiences.

2. Precise Real Estate Buyer Targeting

No matter Google search and display ads, or social media ads, make sure you think about your audience segments and divide the targeting group by different criteria like demographic, geographic, behavior and location. For example, target families with young children. Through precise targeting, you can reach your target audience effectively and save time, efforts and advertising cost on irrelevant audiences.

3. Follow Your Real Estate Customers Online With Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting campaign is a smart digital marketing strategy that points your ads at your potential customers who have already been interested in your business. Once you install tracking pixels on your website, the retargeting pixels will then be placed on visitors’ browsers automatically. You can then start a retargeting campaign that displays your ads to the audiences across the internet on their most visited websites.

4. Attract Buyers with Valuable Real Estate Digital Content

As audiences can only see your properties online, it’s not easy for them to make the purchase decision of such a high amount. They tend to do more research and find valuable information from the internet. If you can provide relevant and informative content, you can win their attention and build trust for your brand. It’s a good way to establish your brand image through appealing content marketing campaigns. You may find some content ideas here:

-- Share brand story including company history, how the company started, why are you passionate about real estate, company mission, etc. to build brand image and differentiate your brands from others.

-- Share successful cases your company served. Show what challenges the customers faced and how your company helped them to get through.

-- Create an FAQ page. You may collect questions from customers and give your expert answers.

-- Build blog articles by location to introduce the services, facilities and any features that would catch interest in each geographical area.

5. Connect with Target Real Estate Audiences through Email Marketing

Newsletter subscription example for real estate digital marketing

Email marketing often plays an instrumental role in lead generation. You can build a strong email marketing database from website inquiries, newsletter subscriptions, previous sales and social media. You may then keep your target audiences updated on your real estate development and news on various properties via emails. Remember to tailor email content for different target segments and add a sharp call-to-action button to encourage leads.

Generate quality leads for your real estate digital marketing

Actionable preparations for your real estate digital marketing

Wait! If you’re determined to utilize the power of digital marketing to promote your real estate business, be sure to have the essentials prepared before started.

1. Establish a real estate brand website

To stand out from the keen competition online, a well-structured website with professional design and detailed information is a must. It’s a place for your audiences to know your real estate projects and your properties’ potential strength. It should be able to clear audiences’ doubts and highlight your strengths. You should also ensure your website is mobile-friendly as most of the netizens search through their mobile.

2. Get your real estate social media channels ready    

Social media platforms are good channels for you to connect with your audiences. You can choose the platforms that cover most of your target audience groups. You may utilize unique features of different social media platforms to attract your audiences.    

-- Open your Facebook Business Page, post real estate contents and place ads to target valuable audiences. Facebook ads allow you to directly target demographics and users who have shown specific interests in buying properties in your area. It also provides several business features like publishing listing-related updates, getting appointments, communicating with customers and receiving reviews. You can also post your real estate on Facebook Marketplace for selling.    

-- LinkedIn is a great medium for you to build professional networking with fellow target audiences and realtors. Setting up a company page on LinkedIn and sharing real estate-related articles can supplement your online presence and gain more exposure.    

-- Instagram allows you to post stylish real estate photos with strong visual impacts. Create an Instagram page, add posts, and use real estate hashtags to reach potential buyers. It’s also a good idea to utilize Instagram Stories for providing real estate updates day-by-day.   

-- To go the extra mile for content marketing, make real estate -related videos like a 360° real estate virtual tour on YouTube to engage your audiences with a first-person point of view.    

Summary of real estate digital marketing

In this digital era, digital marketing of real estate is becoming the mainstream. More and more real estate customers are doing their research online. To stay on par with the changing scene, you should strengthen your brand’s online presence. There are a lot of options for ad formats, marketing channels and analytical tools to create your real estate ads. Don’t go behind your competitors, contact our digital experts to find the right digital marketing solutions for your real estate business NOW!

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