Instagram marketing and advertising work wonder with its unique Instagram algorithm, immense social network, and storytelling capabilities. Owned by Facebook, Instagram is currently one of the top 3 most popular social media platforms across the world.

Competitive Brand Analysis

AsiaPac’s comprehensive brand ‘health’ check paves the way for positioning your brand, identifying your target audience, pinpointing your strengths, and uncovering your hidden roadblocks to the ultimate consistency across your Instagram inbound and outbound digital advertising strategies.

Instagram Account Management

AsiaPac takes care of your entire Instagram account, handles all day-to-day activities from scheduling content postings, launching optimized ads to handling customer queries. You can enjoy a total stress-free Instagram marketing journey.

AI-Driven Instagram KOL Management in Asia

With the large Instagram KOL database in our self-developed KOL management platform KOOLER AI, AsiaPac pairs your brand with the most ideal KOLs to create effective marketing buzz. Be prepared for going viral, thus high conversions!

Attention-Grabbing Instagram Marketing Content

With countless contents bombarding Instagram feeds every minute, AsiaPac delves deep into your target audience’s local culture, language, and hot topics to curate the best-resonated content that quickly appeals to the audience, stopping their route for your content or product.

Precise Instagram Ad Delivery

AsiaPac understands the nuts and bolts of Instagram advertising. No matter it’s Instagram in-feed ads, Instagram Carousel, In-Stream video, or Instagram Shop, we assist you to choose the best ad solutions to accurately serve your ads to your target audience based on your advertising objective.

Instagram Performance Reporting

On top of assembling and analyzing data from your brand’s Instagram account, AsiaPac’s digital specialists regularly provide you with a granular, graphical performance report. Having at-a-glance metrics and strong takeaways of your performance, you can further devise an enhanced Instagram advertising strategy.

Instagram In-Feed Ad

Customized in-feed ad in image, video, carousel, or collection forms, blending seamlessly in the News feed as Instagram’s native content

Instagram Carousel

Slide shows ad displaying up to 10 images or videos in a single post, each with its clickable calls to actions or links that drive users to the brand’s page

Instagram Stories Ad

A full-screen, vertical, immersive ad pop up between user’s organic Instagram Stories, in photo, carousel, or videos up to 15 seconds

Instagram Shopping Ad

A sponsored ad appears as tiles on the Instagram Shop tab home page, directing users to the product details page or viewing additional imagery

Instagram Collection Ad

A combined display of product images or videos that bring users to a fast-loading, full-screen image experience of the product offerings

Proven Instagram Ad Expertise

You may be perplexed by Instagram’s 9+ ad types, and wondering which one best suits you and deliver the best outcomes. With over 15 years of social media marketing experience and an award-winning foundation, AsiaPac’s digital experts will assist you in developing effective digital marketing solutions and campaigns, expanding your Instagram presence.

Localized Instagram Ad Content

Never be afraid to transcreate. Acquainted with a network of creative talents across Asia, AsiaPac manages to tailor Instagram ad content to the local language, culture, and trends, resonating perfectly with the local demographic and capturing their attention.

Data Intelligence Fuels Ad Performance

With our big data and self-developed AI technology, AsiaPac is capable of delivering efficient Instagram advertising campaign strategies to clients across industries, e.g. ecommerce, retail, FMCG, property, gaming, etc. No matter your ad objective is to drive conversions or leads, we guarantee a satisfied ad performance.