Facebook is the most populous social media platform around the world. Accompanied with its sophisticated social media advertising network, Facebook advertising opens the door for marketers in reaching 4.66+ billion digital users worldwide.

Exhaustive Brand Audit

AsiaPac’s comprehensive audit lays the groundwork for positioning your brand, identifying your target audience, and ensuring consistency across your Facebook inbound and outbound digital advertising strategies.

Localized Content Feed Creation

Every country has distinctive culture and practices. AsiaPac digs deep into your target audience’s cultural background and experience to tailor localized Facebook content that resonates with them in the right place and with right language, spreading your brand and product like wildfire.

Creative Facebook Video & Media Mix

AsiaPac deeply understands creativity reigns supreme on Facebook. With our global design team, scroll-stopping, engaging rich medias are created to capture audience attention and help your brand become instantly more competitive on Facebook, accordingly, boosting sales.

AI-Driven KOL Management

With our self-developed KOL management platform KOOLER AI, AsiaPac leverages the 200K+ cross-platform database to match your offerings with the most ideal influencer. Vertical marketing becomes easy-peasy.

Facebook Page Management

AsiaPac manages your entire Facebook account, handles everything from planning ultra-targeted campaigns to creating optimized copies based on brand or product uniqueness. All you have to do is to sit back and enjoy the marketing efficacy gained.

Facebook Performance Reporting

With advanced technology in monitoring, tracking, analysing and forecasting, AsiaPac’s specialists provide in-depth, charted reports of your Facebook advertising performance regularly to take your marketing performance to the next level.

Facebook Collection Ad

A branding display of products that seamlessly brings people to an instant, full screen experience of the product offerings

Facebook In-stream Ad

An incorporated image or video ads delivered to people watching videos or live streams on Facebook

Facebook Carousel

A showcase up to ten images or videos within a single ad on feed, stories, instant articles etc., each with its own link to highlight different products

Facebook Brand Zone

A branded area display of products according to the Facebook user’s search behaviour

Facebook In-Feed Ad

An ad format with visuals, texts, carousel, or collection etc., penetrating into Facebook’s organic content

Facebook Stories Ad

A full-screen immersive experiences pop-up in between the Stories users watch on Facebook, in video or image formats

15+ Years’ Social Media Marketing Expertise

AsiaPac has rich experience assisting clients across industries, e.g. ecommerce, finance, gaming, travel, FMCG etc., in developing efficient social media marketing campaigns and expanding social media presence. Services by our social media specialists are highly recognized all over the world.

Localized Context in Feeds & Creatives

With localized creative talents across Asia, AsiaPac tailors material with the latest trends to assure your Facebook ad content perfectly engages with local audience. No matter where your company is from, AsiaPac offers multi-language support serving wide prospect to lead you towards success.

Self-Developed Technology Propels Performance

Along with our big data and AI technology, we leverage specific targeting capabilities and discover enticing keywords to develop your most effective campaign strategy, guaranteeing raised conversions and ROI. Your Facebook advertising will definitely excel on the platform.