Vietnam Digital Marketing 2022
29 Sep , 2022

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Vietnam's economy is soaring in recent years. It has surpassed the government’s GDP goal to reach 7% in 2022, showing its recovery power despite the continuous pandemic situation, not to mention the digital ad spend is projected to reach US $1,044M in 2022. Overseas investors have turned their attention to Vietnam and not to mention the fact that entering the market is no longer difficult with the existing Vietnam digital marketing opportunities. Perceiving that Vietnam is expected to be a bright spot in the Southeast Asia region, this article will look at what's in store for Vietnam Digital Marketing in 2022 and how your company can succeed in business expansion to the new market!

  1. Vietnam Digital Marketing Landscape 2022

  2. Most Popular Digital Marketing Platforms in Vietnam 2022

  3. Vietnam Digital Marketing Opportunities 2022

1. Vietnam Digital Marketing Landscape 2022

Vietnam Digital Marketing 2022_Essential Digital Headlines.png
Vietnam digital marketing landscape

Amongst the 98.56 million total population, Vietnam has 73.2% of internet users and 78.1% of active social media users. Although the urbanization rate is not even above average compared with that of other Southeast Asian countries, there is a surprisingly great number of Vietnamese using digital devices for internet access daily. Your Vietnam digital marketing strategies will work like a charm on them!

Vietnam Digital Marketing 2022_Vietnam Daily Time Spent with Media.png
Vietnamese Daily Time Spent with Media in 2022

In Vietnam, individuals spend an average of 6 hours and 38 minutes each day on the internet, with around 3 hours spent watching television (including broadcast and streaming). In the meanwhile, they use social media for an average of 2 hours and 38 minutes per day. According to the source, both of these activities are still on the rise (+4.4 percent and +5.0 percent, respectively), implying that digital content, especially that on social media, is becoming a huge part of the Vietnamese’s daily life. Carry on with the insight reading to find out what kinds of digital media specifically catch the Vietnamese’s attention and should be included in your 2022 Vietnam digital marketing strategies.

Vietnam Digital Marketing 2022_Most-visited Websites in Vietnam.png
Vietnam Most Visited Websites in 2022

Google has always been the primary search engine in Vietnam, as well as many other markets. In particular, in 2022, the total number of Vietnamese visitors to Google is 226 million, over a hundred million more than the second-placed website, YouTube. For sure, it is inevitable to include Google as the go-to Vietnam digital advertising platform for your business expansion. However, the potential of local websites cannot be overlooked.

According to the source, three of the most visited websites in Vietnam are VnExpress, Kenh 14 and 24H, which are also popular local online newspapers. With the tremendous sum of local Vietnamese audience base who visit the site on daily basis for the latest news and information, these platforms websites might be a good place for foreign businesses to launch their first Vietnam digital marketing campaigns, for example, programmatic advertisements to effectively reach the potential local customers.

2. Most popular Digital Marketing Platforms in Vietnam 2022

2.1 Vietnam Digital marketing on Zalo

Vietnam Digital Marketing 2022_Most-used Social Media Platforms.png
Vietnam most-used social media platforms

Yes, we see Zalo as the top 10 most-visited websites on the chart. In Vietnam, it is also the second most-used social media platform competing vigorously with Facebook, the global social media giant, making Zalo an important 2022 digital marketing platform in Vietnam!

Vietnam Digital Marketing 2022_Zalo platform.jpg
Vietnam's popular social media platform: Zalo

Launched as a messaging app in 2012, Zalo has evolved into more than just a communication tool with a market share of 91.3% in Vietnam. In addition to the basic chat function, it also includes games, news, and entertainment material, as well as community services such as electricity bill payment and appointment booking. The platform has attracted over 62 million monthly active users mostly around the age of 18-34 years old with its comprehensive features.

Zalo allows brands to set up their own Official Account which favors ecommerce, local community building, and timelier customer service. Many multinational companies have established their official Zalo accounts in order to gain access to the Vietnamese market and reach out to local customers, and so should you! Furthermore, for marketers, Zalo is not just a Vietnam social media platform, but a powerful digital ecosystem that consists of other platforms widely used by the locals. No matter which type of ad format you use, ranging from Zalo OA ads to Form ads, it will be delivered to the most potential customers empowered by the well-established Vietnamese audience database. By including Zalo as one of your 2022 Vietnam digital marketing strategies, it won’t be disappointing!

2.2 Vietnam Digital Marketing on Cốc Cốc

Vietnam Digital Marketing 2022_Cốc Cốc platform.jpg 
Vietnam's popular social media platform: Cốc Cốc

Cốc Cốc is the second largest browser developed locally in Vietnam. According to the 2020 Search Engine Report, Cốc Cốc's market share was 6.52 percent, more than double what it was in the same period in 2019, and caused Google's market share to hit a new low in Vietnam. By utilizing the local Vietnamese language, which is used by 99% of the locals, and its localized development team, Cốc Cốc opts to concentrate on the local market. It is difficult for the international browser Google to achieve, distinguishing itself from its rivals. Currently, there are 9 million members from top Vietnamese cities, forming a wide audience reach with strong purchasing power for your digital marketing in Vietnam 2022.

In terms of ad offerings, Cốc Cốc has provided common search and display ads like what Google does. Besides, you can make good use of icons, a unique feature of Cốc Cốc that is placed on top of the browser tab. It acts as a shortcut to the latest trendy sites which also can be eye-catching adverts of your brand shown to your target audience. Cốc Cốc users contribute more than 50,000 clicks of these icons every day leading to a high ad conversion rate. The wide range of ad offerings and proven performance make Cốc Cốc become a valuable Vietnam digital marketing platform for brands. Nevertheless, as it is designed specifically for the local Vietnam market, the platform is mainly constructed in the Vietnamese language which may be an obstacle for foreign brands. Yet, you don’t have to worry as our local Vietnam digital marketing expert can definitely help you excel in 2022 Cốc Cốc advertising.

2.3 Vietnam Digital Marketing on YouTube

Vietnam Digital Marketing 2022_Youtube Advertising Audience Overview.png
Vietnam's popular social media platform: YouTube advertising audience overview

Followed by Google, YouTube is the second most-viewed website among Vietnamese. On average, each viewer spends 70 minutes per day watching YouTube videos of various content categories such as reality shows, lifestyle sharing, and product reviews. Considering the strong audience base and their active usage of the platform, your brand can reach 86.7% of the internet users and 63.4% of the Vietnamese just via YouTube. Similar to your YouTube advertising strategies in other target markets, there are different ad formats available like bumper ads, in-feed video ads, and non-skippable in-stream ads, whereas a more approachable promotion strategy like showcasing products by KOLs is also a good option for your 2022 Vietnam Digital Marketing Plan. No matter which industry your brand is from, you can always find a suitable Vietnamese YouTuber to collaborate in content creation to promote your brand and products in the market.

Vietnam Digital Marketing 2022_Vietnamese KOL.png
Vietnamese KOL on YouTube

HERA, a Korean cosmetics brand, collaborated with a Vietnamese YouTuber Góc Của Rư, who has over 667k followers and is a well-known beauty YouTuber. In the video, Của demonstrated HERA's newest lip gloss sticks and detailed them in depth using her professional makeup experience to promote the company and create a positive image for the public. Last but not least, this video has gotten over 20k views, increasing brand awareness and fostering a favorable image among locals. Start considering a Vietnam KOL marketing strategy in 2022 to get what HERA has achieved!

3. Vietnam Digital Marketing Opportunities 2022

3.1 Start from a few top Vietnam cities

Great things start from small beginnings. Enterprises are suggested to establish their Vietnam digital marketing strategies in the major cities of Vietnam first before expanding throughout the country. In the latest statistics, top Vietnam cities such as Hanoi and HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City) are having 262-286 USD monthly income per capita on average, accounting for 28.2% of total monthly income in Vietnam. Obviously, these people have higher spending power and are easier to target for your first Vietnam digital marketing campaign. Safe to say, no matter which industry your brand is from.

Vietnam Digital Marketing 2022_Vietnam middle-class households.png
Mckinsey’s Analysis of the latest Vietnamese Consumers

It is crucial to note that, on the other hand, it is predicted that some areas will likely have much greater consumption power in the coming time, such as the Red River Deltas and the Mekong which are densely populated but not completely developed. Analysis shows a drastic growth in the number of middle-class households in these regions and therefore attracting many consumer-goods companies and retailers to invest there. Take note of these rising consumption pools in your 2022 Vietnam digital marketing plan!

3.2 Tap into the potential of young women consumers in Vietnam

Over 45% of the Vietnamese population is Gen Zs and millennials between the age of 25 and 54, accounting for the bulk of the young workforce and consumer market. Growing up in the post-economic reform period in Vietnam, they enjoy all the privileges of the economic boom and hence, higher consumer sentiment. But amongst this group of the population, the women’s sector may be particularly worth your attention in your 2022 Vietnam digital marketing plan. Research shows that the ratio of female-to-male labor force participation was one of the highest in the world and more females are found to be educated and with higher positions and income. An additional $80 billion of GDP is expected to be raised by women empowerment in Vietnam in 2030. The large contribution of females in Vietnam’s future economy indicates the power of the young females, offering another opportunity for marketers now!

3.3 Retailers, it’s the best timing to enter the Vietnam ecommerce market!

Vietnam Digital Marketing 2022_Vietnamese shopping.jpg

In recent years, the Vietnamese’s life outside of their home is getting more colorful than ever as a result of rapid urbanization and higher living standards. Consumer retail sales are skyrocketing high that $58.5 billion increase in sales is predicted in these few years. On the other hand, the social distancing restrictions caused by the pandemic have forced Vietnam consumers to make some changes in their shopping behaviors. But it’s just another valuable opportunity for foreign retailers in entering the market! Vietnam consumers have shifted from physical stores to online stores which resulted in a huge increase in ecommerce sales of 54% in 2020. This year, the subsidiary businesses like online payment and logistics, as well as the customer’s adaptation to online shopping, have become much more mature to a point that setting up ecommerce in Vietnam is no longer a nightmare. With the help of a comprehensive Vietnam digital marketing plan, foreign retailers should definitely treasure the opportunity to expand their business in Vietnam. Don’t forget that our agency also has ecommerce marketing experts to pave the way for your success.

Vietnam Digital Marketing Summary

The potential of Vietnam’s digital marketing has increased over the years with factors such as increased internet browsing time and online consumption. Advertising on key digital platforms like Zalo, Coc Coc and YouTube with other digital marketing tactics are highly recommended to start your business in the Vietnam market. Moreover, do more research on the latest Vietnam digital and consumer trends to make sure your strategies can effectively perform with good results generated in the remaining time in 2022. If you want to extend your business into the market but aren't sure where to start, then contact us for a free consultation with our experienced team of digital marketing professionals in Vietnam to build the ideal solution for your brand.

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