28 May , 2020

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Source: https://datareportal.com/reports/digital-2020-taiwan

Be honored as the four Asian Tigers, also known as the Asian Dragons, Taiwan is one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia. It has sustained a high-growth economy, charged by rapid industrialization and exports. Meanwhile, the digital market and e-commerce are also expanding in Taiwan.

This article will walk you through the digital landscape, trends and opportunities of Taiwan.

Digital marketing landscape in Taiwan

According to internet research, Taiwan’s total population is 23.8 million and the internet penetration rate is 86%. Meanwhile, 21 million people are active on social media, which is equivalent to 88% of Taiwan’s total population.

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Taiwan’s digital landscape

Taiwan netizen’s daily time spent on the internet is 7 hours 57 minutes, including 2 hours for social media and 2 hours 27 minutes for videos.

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Daily time spent with media in Taiwan

96% of Taiwan netizens spend their time on online videos each month while 63% spend their time on music streaming services.

Insights: Same as other Asia regions, online videos are popular in Taiwan.

Online content activities in TW.jpg
Taiwan’s online content activities

Taiwan internet users own 8.4 social media accounts on average. 99% of them visited a social network/messaging service in Dec 2019. At the same time, 35% of Taiwan internet users use social media for work purposes.

Social Media Behaviours in TW.jpg
Social media behaviours in Taiwan

Most Popular Digital Marketing platforms in Taiwan

Top 5 Most-Used Social Media Platforms in Taiwan

The top 5 most-used social media platforms in Taiwan are YouTube (89%), Facebook (89%), Line (86%), FB Messenger (55%) and Instagram (54%).

Insight: Line is a popular social media platform in Taiwan for instant communication. Line users can exchange texts, images, videos and audios. It also provides various services including digital wallet as Line Pay, news stream as Line Today, video on demand as Line TV, and digital comic distribution as Line Manga and Line Webtoon.

Most-used social media platforms in TW.jpg
Most-used social media platforms in Taiwan

Top 5 Mobile Apps in Taiwan

Taiwan’s top 5 mobile apps by consumer spend are Line, Iqiyi, 17, Kkbox and Lang live. Three out of five are video apps.

Insight: Video and live-streaming apps are popular in Taiwan and Taiwan netizens are willing to spend on them.

Mobile app rankings in TW.jpg
Mobile app rankings in Taiwan

Digital Marketing Opportunities in Taiwan

1. D2C strategies in Taiwan

Direct to Consumer (D2C) is a rising business model in Taiwan, which is worth noticing. Meanwhile, Internet forums are popular for Taiwan netizens to hold online discussions and share product information. For example, influential forum PTT is the top one Google search query in Taiwan while another forum Dcard ranked 14th in most-visited websites. It’s a good opportunity for brands to build D2C content strategies on popular forums. By providing discounts or monetary rewards, brands can encourage word-of-mouth sharing which helps to reach potential customers.

2. E-commerce in Taiwan

E-commerce is flourishing in Taiwan, especially during the epidemic period. Many brands are now developing their official e-shop in Taiwan. To let your e-shop become more attractive, a user-friendly site is a must. One-page e-shop (一頁商店), which simplified the purchasing procedure by combining all essential info on one page, is effective in Taiwan. By investing ad budget on your e-shop, brands can attract consumers to shop and ask them to register memberships at the same time. Brands can then get consumers’ data and apply remarketing on them through the membership system. The membership system plays a key role in e-commerce marketing.

3. Video Marketing in Taiwan

There’s no doubt that watching videos is the most popular online activity in Taiwan with Taiwanese’s high spending time on video and the rise of several video platforms. An internet research has shown that people remember 70% of what they hear and see, which is double of what they see. Moreover, 80% of interviewees said they prefer watching streaming live instead of reading. Video marketing is expected to get more active responses from audiences. To maximize campaign results, collaborating with influencers can let videos go viral easily.

4. Customer Data Platform in Taiwan

As Taiwanese become more concerned about their privacy, cookie tracking is not as easy as before. Many browsers such as Firefox, Edge and Google Chrome are adding restrictions on cross-site tracking. Thus, Customer Data Platform (CDP) becomes essential for marketing. CDP not only gathers client information, but also integrates 1st party data, 2nd party data from partners/through purchase and 3rd party data such as browsing history, App data and device data to let businesses grasp consumers’ purchasing power, preferences and basic information.

Summary of Digital Marketing in Taiwan

With the high internet penetration rate and fast-growing economic development, Taiwan has great potential in digital marketing. D2C strategies, e-commerce, video marketing and Customer Data Platform (CDP) are keys to keep an eye on when expanding your business to Taiwan.

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