How TikTok Marketing Grows Your Business in 2023
17 Jan , 2023

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Launched back in 2016, TikTok is now one of the most influential video-oriented social media platforms. Currently, it has over 1 billion global users and has been downloaded over 3 billion times. Not only has it introduced an innovative entertainment and knowledge-sharing concept, but it has also dipped its toes into TikTok social commerce in 2022, the debut of TikTok Shop. In 2023, TikTok’s ad revenues are set to hit $18.04 billion. It's crystal clear that TikTok will continue to take over social media, and for the long run. So we ponder, where TikTok marketing will head in 2023 and how it helps your business. Now, let’s take a deep dive into the coming TikTok marketing trends to scale up your business in 2023!

  1. What is TikTok Marketing?

  2. What are some common TikTok marketing strategies?

  3. TikTok Marketing Trends in 2023

1. What is TikTok Marketing?

Simply speaking, TikTok marketing is the process of promoting a brand, product, or service to consumers on the platform. There are various marketing approaches observed by brands to increase brand awareness, engage with their community, or even generate many sales. From start-up businesses to multinational corporations, it has proven that there are no size limits when it comes to TikTok marketing on this continuous-growing social media platform.

Knowing that over half of TikTok users treat the platform as a source of product discovery and research, it is important to determine your desired target audience before entering the platform for effective TikTok marketing results. TikTok is most popular amongst younger generations, specifically, 60% of TikTok users are Generation Z. Despite that, the audience is getting more diversified and millions of businesses are using TikTok as a marketing channel. Some top brands that are on TikTok are NBA, Gymshark and Red Bull.

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TikTok’s Unique Marketing Model - Infinite Loop

In this ever-shifting world, the traditional sales funnel is not as effective and getting more outdated. TikTok marketing jumps in to grant brands the ability to meet wide, out-of-the-funnel audiences. An ”infinite loop” of consumer path-to-purchase is introduced on TikTok. The key factor that continuously brings more users to the platform is the entertaining content. Therefore, with fun, eye-catching and personalised content, users will re-enter the TikTok Infinite Loop, allowing brands to engage and maintain long-lasting customer relationships through exciting, entertaining and participatory customer experiences.

2. What are some common TikTok marketing strategies?

2.1 Produce Trend-driven Content on TikTok

Trends are always a huge part of the TikTok marketing experience and are intriguing as it offers a community of cross-content storytelling for TikTok users. Businesses and brands have to adapt by creating creative, trend-driven content on TikTok to attract audiences. With on-trend creativity, your brand can engage in social conversations and catch the audience's attention, not to mention creating a unique brand image and story. TikTok trends come and go, so always keep an eye on what's happening and move fast to build relevant content on TikTok.

2.2 Combine Popular & Niche TikTok Hashtags

Using popular hashtags is great for reaching massive TikTok audiences. Yet, they’re highly competitive. To reach a targeted and specific audience, marketers should use niche TikTok hashtags to speak in the target audiences’ language and attract people who are already interested in your content, thus enhancing content discoverability, and boosting views and engagements. Creating branded TikTok hashtags is also a good way for brands to foster community building by encouraging audiences to create videos using brand-specific hashtags. It’s never too late to harness the power of participation in your TikTok marketing strategy!

AsiaPac_How TikTok Marketing Grows Your Business in 2023_tiktok_median_engagement_rate.jpg  AsiaPac_How TikTok Marketing Grows Your Business in 2023_tiktok_return_on_ad_spend.jpg   AsiaPac_How TikTok Marketing Grows Your Business in 2023_tiktok_ad_recall.jpg

TikTok HashTag Challenges is proven to be an effective TikTok marketing tool to boost engagement rate and other ad metrics.

2.3 Work with TikTok KOLs

The concept of collaborating with KOLs for your TikTok marketing campaign isn’t new. Picking the right TikTok KOL can help you tap into and reach your niche community. It’s crucial to choose a TikTok KOL whose followers reflect the qualities and demographics of your targeted market. In this way, you may fully leverage the power of social proof and brand trust, as audiences tend to believe KOL’s content as credible and trustworthy. In AsiaPac, we have our self-developed KOL Management Platform - KOOLER AI that matches your brand with the most ideal TikTok KOL, ensuring your brand seeks the buzz and attention desired.

Considering two-fifths of TikTok users have made a purchase because of KOLs, it’s obvious that they have the ability to influence audiences’ purchasing decisions. Aside, TikTok KOL can assist in creating a positive image and reputation for your brand, thus bringing a positive impact to your TikTok marketing campaign.

Globally-known brands like McDonald’s, Garnier and Colgate have incorporated KOL marketing in their TikTok marketing campaigns and have shown great results, click here to learn more!

3. TikTok Marketing Trends in 2023

3.1 Ride on TikTok Stitch for TikTok Marketing

You might have hopped on the branded hashtag challenge for TikTok marketing in 2022. Coming to 2023, it's time for you to explore the latest TikTok features that are great for attracting awareness and website traffic volume, TikTok Stitch.

TikTok Stitch is an in-app editing feature that allows users to clip and incorporate 5 seconds of scenes from other people’s videos into their own. With Stitch, you may create a new story or reinterpretation of the original clip. Besides, while using this feature, the original creator gets credited, which may also expand exposure.

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TikTok Stitch Tool function on mobile

Brands can use TikTok Stitch videos to:

  • Build on viral trends or videos

  • React to popular memes

  • Do fact-check product/ service reviews

  • Launch a challenge calling upon TikTok audience to make stitches that the brand can feature on its TikTok account

TikTok Stitch is exceptionally impactful for brands when it comes to inspiring user-generated content (UGCs) and igniting audience engagement. You can already spark conversations with your targeted TikTok audiences by simply leaving comments on audiences’ posts or reposting the creative ones on your brand account. Besides, brands are strongly urged to collaborate with TikTok KOLs on Stitch to broaden their content reach.

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Adidas TikTok Stitch Video

An example of a successful TikTok branded stitch campaign was created by Adidas via their TikTok challenge #madepossiblewithadidas. Each video starts with someone asking the question, “show me something you thought was impossible before you did it”. TikTok users then stitched videos of themselves doing something they thought was impossible to do but managed to. Afterwards, they posed the same question at the end of the video. This created a stitched chain and received over 513,000 views. The TikToker in the video, @qhouirunnisaa, has 709.3K followers, creatively created a video with the TikTok Stitch editing tool, while wearing Adidas shoes in the video and including relevant hashtags. TikTok Stitched videos and hashtag challenges are able to proactively invite and allow users to engage in content, be creative and expand reach.

Last but not least, brands should always concentrate on producing entertaining and inventive content that people enjoy, share and would love to include in their content, this can definitely develop a stronger connection to your brand and add wings to your TikTok marketing strategy.

3.2 Optimise your Videos with TikTok Search Marketing (SEO)

In a nutshell, TikTok SEO is the practice of optimising content to rank high on TikTok search results so it’s easily discoverable by users. You might be hesitant to put effort into an entertaining platform. Yet, in fact, nearly 40% of Generation Z treats TikTok as their go-to search engine. Plus, TikTok now offers various search engine capabilities, like suggested keywords in the search bar and comment sections, making it more competitive. As an increasing number of users turn to TikTok to search for content, brands must develop a solid TikTok SEO strategy in order to stay ahead of the pack.

AsiaPac_How TikTok Marketing Grows Your Business in 2023_ Suggested keywords in the TikTok search bar and comment sections.jpg
Suggested keywords in the TikTok search bar and comment sections that help your TikTok SEO marketing.

4 Tactics For Brands To Maximise TikTok SEO Effectiveness:

  1. Include keywords in captions and videos

    Using relevant and descriptive keywords your audience searches for can help increase your organic discoverability on TikTok. After performing keyword research, incorporating them into video captions, automated closed captions and on-screen text (even lyrics) increases the chance to get in front of your target audience.

     AsiaPac_How TikTok Marketing Grows Your Business in 2023_Keyword tools are available to assist TIkTok SEO marketing.jpgKeyword tools are available to assist TIkTok SEO marketing.
  2. Build up to 5 relevant hashtags

    Mixing the relevant and niche TikTok hashtags is able to reach your target audience efficiently. Broad hashtags help in broadening reach and increasing followings; meanwhile, niche hashtags attract people who are interested and passionate about content similar to yours. You may also add geological hashtags if you’re creating local content.

  3. Utilise trending TikTok Audio

    Research done by TikTok concluded that audio and music are “essential” for content and are equally as important for TikTok SEO. TikTokers also type “trending sounds” in the search bar to find a niche and relevant audio for their content.

  4. Be clear & consistent with your niche

    It is important to make sure the TikTok SEO adheres to your brand’s niches. TikTok has an intelligent learning algorithm, which is able to deliver your content to relevant users only if the feed is dedicated to the niche and target audience.

    With a comprehensive TikTok SEO strategy, your TikTok-branded content will finally acquire the exposure it deserves. Businesses and brands should work on the SEO content to make it more search-friendly and well-loved by the TikTok algorithm so as to increase discovery and awareness by the target audience. Interested in growing your TikTok marketing campaign through SEO strategy in 2023? Our SEO experts will manage your campaign hassle-free.

3.3 Go LIVE on TikTok

TikTok LIVE is riding a timely trend that’s only gaining traction. Similar to other platforms, TikTok live streaming serves as a direct means for brands to narrate their brand story, talk to the audience in real-time, and grow their fanbase/community. And often, boosting sales as a bonus! With the fact that 1.6x users treat TikTok live streaming as a source of brand discovery and they are highly committed (62% claimed that they watch TikTok LIVE every day!), it's apparent that TikTok LIVE is a great strategy to add to your TikTok marketing box.

Consumers like to feel personally connected to the brand, And TikTok LIVE perfectly fits for you to establish rapport and build brand loyalty with your TikTok audience. During live streaming, you can provide valuable content, such as sneak peeks, how-to, product reviews, or educational materials to satisfy the demands of your ideal audiences. What’s more, with a real-time connection, live chat and Q&A sessions become possible. All these keep TikTok audiences engaged, purchase, and return.

It’s thrilled to tell you that TikTok has hopped on the live-stream shopping craze in 2022. With a shopping pin appearing each time a product is presented, TikTok LIVE audiences can purchase the item promptly. Previously, half of TikTok users have completed a purchase after watching LIVE. With the launch of TikTok LIVE commerce, we are positive that this interactive online shopping experience will be ever-populated. This will be a huge driving force for brands to boost sales via TikTok LIVE.

AsiaPac_How TikTok Marketing Grows Your Business in 2023_TikTok live streaming eCommerce.jpg
TikTok live streaming eCommerce

AsiaPac_How TikTok Marketing Grows Your Business in 2023_ability to drive shopping and expand trust.jpg
TikTok LIVE is a powerful TikTok marketing tool with the ability to drive shopping and expand trust.

3.4 Entertaining Content is the King of TikTok Marketing

TikTok’s community adores creativity and authenticity, therefore empowering brands to create high-quality, consistent content will undoubtedly add value to your TikTok marketing, as well as maintain loyal followings on TikTok. In 2023, “actionable entertainment” will be one of the major trends, predicts TikTok’s What Next 2023 Trend Report. In a word, marketers should focus on curating branded content that TikTok viewers find enjoyable in order to grab their attention, earn their trust, and ultimately behave as the brand would like them to.

There are countless ways for brands to create humorous, uplifting TikTok content to amuse their audiences. Despite the content itself, brands can enhance the entertainment value by leveraging native TikTok tools or editing techniques like adding trending sound effects or text overlays, which are successful at retaining TikTok viewers’ attention.

AsiaPac_How TikTok Marketing Grows Your Business in 2023_ popular soundtrack.jpg
You can discover the popular soundtrack on TikTok for your marketing

With entertainment content being the most viewed content genre on TikTok (Entertainment got 535 billion hashtag views), it’s need not to emphasize the cruciality of entertaining content in your TikTok marketing campaign. So, brands should keep their content message in sync with how people are using TikTok, as opposed to overt advertising. For marketers, the more adept at aligning with usage patterns, the better placed you’ll be to connect with the TikTok audiences.

TikTok Marketing Summary

It’s safe to assume that TikTok mania won't be over in 2023. From hashtags to songs to KOLs, there is still room for brands to expand using these TikTok marketing features. While setting your foot on this worth-investing platform, brands must keep up to date with the latest TikTok marketing trends in 2023. Are you considering expanding your presence through TikTok marketing? In AsiaPac, we have a team of TikTok specialists who can provide you with tailor-made TikTok marketing solutions to maximise your TikTok campaign’s performance. Click here to check it out now! 

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