Marks & Spencer is one of the UK's leading retailers, selling high quality, great value clothing, beauty, home and food products worldwide. AsiaPac was appointed by ALF Retail Hong Kong Limited, the franchise partner for Marks & Spencer to implement digital-first marketing strategies while ensuring a cohesive brand image among the differences.

Digital Marketing Case Objective

In an intense festive season, when competitors are all striving to advertise their Christmas and Chinese New Year products, AsiaPac aimed to make Marks & Spencer stand out by mightily maximizing exposure in one month, so as to increase visibility of the newly launched home delivery app, raise awareness of their promotion offers, drive quality traffic to their website and keep it top of mind when consumers are looking for high-value festive gifts.

Target Markets

In this digital marketing case, our diversified strategies successfully helped Marks & Spencer extend its e-commerce business into Asia markets. The Christmas promotion campaign for hampers was targeting Hong Kong while Marks & Spencer’s Universal App Campaign (UAC) was targeting Hong Kong and Singapore markets as there was a localized home delivery app newly launched in both countries respectively.

Hong Kong


Our Digital Marketing Approach
What makes Marks & Spencer a successful digital marketing case?
  • Targeting Hong Kong and Singapore markets, our UAC service aimed to drive app install conversions via Google’s massive ad networks including Display, YouTube, Search and Google Play.

  • Utilized data-driven SEM strategies to ramp up Marks & Spencer’s visibility to top search ranking on Google, achieved 2X lower CPC and boosted sales of M&S Hampers during Christmas.

  • Executed A/B Testing with bilingual GDN creatives. Timely budget reallocation successfully helped Marks & Spencer achieve 55.3% CTR higher than benchmark.

  • Identified ideal audiences with Discovery Ads and converted them with immersive Marks & Spencer’s Xmas hampers visuals.

  • Facebook and Instagram ads successfully converted prospects who were similar audience or interested in M&S’s competitors into M&S’s customers.


In just one month

What does M&S say about us

We enjoy cooperating with AsiaPac. Their expert teams, who are professional about online advertising, impressed us with their strategic planning and tactical executions that have yielded great results for our digital marketing performance. Their hard works gained our trust and we would highly recommend them.