China Social Media Marketing

There’s no need to re-emphasize the activeness of Tencent’s WeChat & Weibo in China, but our offerings are in a much wider landscape. Fueled by broadly extracted audience insights, we strategically help you reach 1 billion+ Chinese social users, effectuate and maintain your brand exposure with the hottest topics and trends in China across top players such as Tencent QQ (騰訊QQ), Douyin (抖音) and Xiaohongshu (小紅書).

China Content & Influencer Marketing

In-market language is all that matters for China content marketing. Our Chinese experts build penetrative content in the most cultural and localized context. These are taken steps further for organic leads and brand trust with our data intelligence and 1,000+ media networks combined for articles releases on Chinese portal sites such as Sohu (搜狐), ifeng (鳳凰網), Douban (豆瓣), and Chinse knowledge-sharing platforms similar to Quora, such as Zhihu (知乎) and Baidu Zhidao (百度知道) for trustworthy Q&As. This strategy is especially useful for industries that are restricted on ad promotions. Wait a minute, have I mentioned our AI-powered influencer platform lines you up with 200K+ influencers in Asia as well?

China Paid & Organic Search Engine Marketing

Google wins over the world’s search engine marketing – but not in China. Being the key player, China’s Baidu takes over an approximate 65% of China’s market share with the American tech company only occupying an inconspicuous 3%. We’re talking about a different spectrum on techniques, trends & algorithm of SEM and SEO, advertising account verification and restraining ad policies. Sounds dizzying? Don’t worry, count on us and we’ll take care of the rest with our big data.

China Programmatic Display & Video Marketing

Programmatic ads account for around 70% and 50% of overall spending on China’s display and video ads respectively. Among our 600,000+ network alliances and Chinese top-tier platforms on Baidu (百度), Tencent (騰訊), TaoBao’s TanX (阿里媽媽) and Alibaba’s Youku (優酷), we target ads of different formats – generated by powerful banner creation tools – precisely to the right online consumer profile, through comprehensive integration of 1st party data & 3rd party segment with connected portals powered by machine learning. Widen reach & drive profitable consumer actions? Piece of cake.

Official Douyin Advertising Reseller Agency

As the authroized Douyin reseller, we fully take care of both China inbound and outbound video marketing across your designated countries. Together with our AI optimization solution and comprehensive array of China marketing mix, hyper-personalized digital marketing strategies will be performed to effectively penetrate to 800M+ Chinese netizens across screens.

China Office Support

With rich cultural knowledge, our specialized colleagues in offices spanning across China will create the most localized content in simplified Chinese for your seamless integration to China as well as bringing personalized and needed service to you.

Award-winning China Digital Knowhow

Over the 15+ years, AsiaPac was greatly awarded with outstanding campaign performance for 2,500+ clients in a wide range of sectors – ecommerce, finance, gaming, travel, retail, beauty, FMCG, education, health products etc. – on China digital marketing.